Drools Optimum Performance Adult Dry Dog Food – 10kg & 20kg


Drools Optimum Performance Adult dog food is wholesome nutrition. It benefits your pet with strong immunity, dental health, and overall optimum body strength. It enhances the energy level in your pet keeping them active and agile all day long. The combination of vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, and other important ingredients in it, provide a complete and balanced meal for your pet.

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Is it like your pup is now an adult but still has the energy of a puppy? Drools Optimum Performance Adult Dog Food meets the high energy requirements of active adult dogs!

The high-quality protein, sourced from chicken, helps meet all the health and energy needs in your pet. It also contains essential fatty acids that promote a shiny coat and good skin. Don’t be surprised if they start asking you about the secret. This food also contains antioxidants that boost your pet’s overall immunity.


Protein Rich: Drools Optimum Performance Adult Dog Food is made with a special protein formula apt for adult dogs (above 1 year) of all breeds!

Wholesome: This diet is an assortment of antioxidants, vitamins, organic minerals and all essential nutrients which makes it a wholesome diet for your pet. The food is also balanced just right, like the thali of your dreams!

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10kg, 20kg


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