Pedigree Adult Chicken & Liver Chunks Wet Dog Food – 70 g (Pack of 15)


Suitable for all breeds adult dogs Maintains the right balance of fibre, vitamins, & protein You may also mix this gravy food with the dry food or rice Please check feeding guidelines

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  • PACK CONTENT: Contains one 10kg pack of Pedigree adult dry dog food Chicken, Egg & Rice & fifteen 70g packs of Chicken and Liver Chunks in Gravy
  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED DOG FOOD: A wholesome meal and fun treat combo, packed with essential nutrients for adult dogs
  • 6 SIGNS OF GOOD HEALTH: Provides dogs the 5 Signs of Good Health – a PEDIGREE assurance!
  • PEDIGREE DRY: Protein rich dog food with the goodness of egg
  • PEDIGREE GRAVY: Moist chunks gently cooked to retain vitamins
  • DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS: Dog food developed by experts at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition
  • SUITABLE FOR: Ideal for Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd
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